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10-25-2017 15:08:36

DRR USA Named 2017 Global Market Leader for Youth ATVs

By Carrie Larsen

According to Real Fact 24's 2017 Global ATV Market Outlook, DRR USA is a global market leader and influencer in youth ATVs. DRR USA is among ten other ATV manufacturers, located around the world that made the list. The report states a variety of factors have been taken into account to determine which companies are the best of the best; including ATV product type, consumer volume and expected growth.

Read the full article here:

DRR USA takes pride in its safe, reliable and award-winning youth ATVs. We sell three different sizes - The DRX 50, DRX 70 and DRX 90. All of them have an electric starter with Kickstarter backup and daytime running lights, just to name a few great features.

Find more details about our youth ATVs on our website:

DRX 50:

DRX 70:

DRX 90:

We want to thank our riders and dealers for helping DRR USA become a global market leader in youth ATVs. Without their continuous feedback on our products and desire to ride, we wouldn't have articles, like the one by Real Fact 24, to share!

11-09-2017 15:08:31

Courtesy: Moxie Karasek, ATV Illustrated


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