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Please update all info for the 2017 contingency program to be current.

Use the following link:

09-06-2017 11:31:43

ATVS: Which ones should I get for my kids?

By Grace Moryan

ATVs (All-terrain Vehicles) are designed to look cool and allow kids to have fun riding through the woods. When choosing an activity for your kids, it is important to find something that will keep them safe and active. Luckily, ATVs are something the entire family can enjoy together, and we know this at DRRUSA. Here are some tips for you and your kids to be safe while dominating the racetrack.

1. Size matters

The size of your ATV heavily matters for your children. If you google ATV safety, thousands of cases come up of children who are injured or die from ATVS. However, what they don't tell you is most of these kids did not have the right size ATV. Here is DRR's sizing guide to ATVS:

  • 50c to 70cc for children 6 years and older
  • 90cc for kids over the age of 12

You can check out the DRRUSA website for more on ATV sizing:

2. Your children should wear the right equipment

You wouldn't want your kids to ride a bike without a helmet, and you shouldn't let them ride an ATV without the appropriate gear either. Kids can be thrown off their ATV if they hit a rock or a large branch. Your child should be wearing a helmet, gloves, chest protectors, and boots when riding on their ATV.

3. Don't let your children ride alone

Your children may be interested in going out on their ATV all by themselves, but it isn't a good idea for them to go out alone. Teach your children to always ride with a buddy and be sure to supervise them on their ATVS especially if they are under 16 years old.

4. Avoid public roads

It may seem like a fun idea to take the ATVs out on the street, but it isn't what the vehicle was meant for. Don't take your ATV where you could potentially be hit by a car or other vehicle. Try to keep it in the park or the woods.

5. Don't have extra passengers

If the ATV is only made for one person to ride on it, then don't let your kids have their friends ride with them! Having extra passengers can be dangerous and even change the way the ATV moves around.

6. Make your children take safety courses

Your child is more likely to handle their ATV properly and drive safely if you enroll them in an ATV safety course. You should always make sure children are aware of the dangers when handling their ATV and how they can prevent potential accidents.

With these in mind, it is important to go forth and ask questions to your local dealer when buying an ATV. Make sure you are informed and you will be able to let your kids tackle the race track in no time!

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05-24-2017 16:22:31

What Does a Durometer Mean for Racing Tires?

Everyone knows it takes a great engine to win a race. However, there is another part of the vehicle in any race that will also determine that outcome. What is that you may ask; well it’s the tires! Having the right tires for the race is something a lot of people overlook. Whether it is a great dirt track, Motocross or pavement you have to have the right tires for the job.

So what makes the right or wrong tires for the job besides tread pattern? Simple amount of grip the tire has. This grip level is measured by a tool called a durometer. The higher the durometer the harder the tire is, the durometer measures this particular tire spec. Having this tool in your toolbox will give you a better performance on the track. With whatever tires you are using. There are certain durometer ratings for certain track types of surfaces dirt, asphalt etc  when it comes to how hard or soft a tire should be to get the best performance. No matter what you are running whether it is a car, motorbike, ATV, sprint vehicle or anything else the terrain will dictate the tire type, grip, and inflation. So how to you know you are using the right thickness of tire? Well, it's time to talk about exactly what a durometer does.

What is a Durometer?

A durometer is a small gauge device which when pressed into a surface will read the thickness of that surface. This gauge is essential to any pit crews list of tools. Tire compound make up determines that hardness of a tire and will, therefore, assist in getting the right tire for the right track.

Why does known the Hardness of My Tires Matter?

Like stated before each type of track has a tire hardness or grip level that will run effectively on it. Running a paved track with hard tires will create bounce and loss of control, whereas running a dirt track with the same tires will result in better performance. Knowing your track and your tires it extremely important.

How to Use a Durometer

Using this tool is very simple. Just place the pointed end of the tool on the surface to be measured and press down slightly. It is just that simple. Reading the gauge is as simple as reading the gauges on your vehicle. The harder the surface the high the reading on the gauge. With reading on the gauge you should be able to match to each track you are preparing to run.

So a Durometer is an essential tool in any racer’s toolbox. Finding the harness of your tires can make your race run better and can get you closer to first place, that and a great engine. Have a great race!

08-30-2017 15:15:26


Mark your calendar for Sept. 21-24, 2017 and be the FIRST to climb on DRR USA's brand new, 100% built in the U.S. 600cc Adult Utility ATV at this year American International Motorcycle Expo. We want to put YOU in the driver seat for a special merchandise giveaway!

Here's what you have to do:

  1. Sit on one of DRR USA ATVs that will be present at the American International Motorcycle Expo (DRX DRR 90 or new DRR 600cc).

  2. Take a picture of yourself sitting on one of the models using your cell phone.

  3. You must post that picture to all of your social media accounts and tag DRR USA in the posts.

  4. Show the posts to a DRR USA representative at the tradeshow.

  5. If you follow all of these steps, you will receive a DRR USA hat and t-shirt, specially made for the American International Motorcycle Expo:

Rules to this giveaway:

  • Participants must be age appropriate to take a picture sitting on the ATV models.

  • DRR USA has the right to use any picture posted in this giveaway.

  • Participants must tag DRR USA in the giveaway posts and show they have done so to a DRR USA representative.

  • If DRR USA runs out of hats or t-shirts at the AIMExpo, one of each will be mailed to participants who don't receive them.

The American International Motorcycle Expo will take place Sept. 21-24, 2017 at the Greater Columbus Convention Center (400 N High St., Columbus, OH). You can find DRR USA at booth number 3515 from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Saturday and 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Sunday.

We hope to see you there!


- DRR USA Team

08-31-2017 15:20:29

Racecar Brakes: Be a Superstar, Savvy and Safe!

By Grace Moryan

This article was created by Decuzzi tires, a brand of go kart tires often used for racing and to help racers practice in go karts before getting in their racecar.

Your racecar is your pride and joy: it helps you conquer the track, you have personalized it to your taste, and you have tweaked it to perfection. And while you are always used to riding smooth and fast, it is easy to forget your racecar undergoes the same wear and tear as a regular car. That is why it is important to change your brake fluid, as you are always stopping hard and fast.

Boiling Point

The more you drive your car, the hotter it gets. While your car is getting hot, there's more than just skid marks occurring when you drive fast: the rotors and pads create heat every time you use your brakes, and the brake fluid becomes hot. Most brake fluids have two boiling points: wet and dry.

Wet boiling point: the temperature the brake fluid boils after it absorbs moisture

Dry boiling point: the temperature the brake fluid boils before it absorbs moisture

Why Moisture is bad for brakes

The boiling point of water is 212 degree Fahrenheit, which isn't very high when it mixes with your brake fluid. When water gets into your brake system, it lowers the point your brakes boil, which can ultimately deteriorate the braking performance of your racecar over time.

Testing Your Brakes

It is important to test your brake fluid after every race to check their condition. You can purchase a brake fluid tester or brake fluid strips, which simply requires you dipping it into the fluid and gives you a result. You can purchase a brake fluid tester at your local auto parts store.

How often should I change my brake fluid?

To be safe, it is important to change your brake fluid once a year. While it may be costly, this will ensure your brakes are in top condition when you go on the track. After all, your life heavily depends on your ability to stop, so the extra investment is worth it to keep you and your fellow racers safe.

Be safe and don't overlook your brakes: after all, you love the track, so it is important to keep your car in top condition!


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09-13-2017 12:47:45


DRR USA, Inc. is giving away a FREE Dirt Bike to one lucky winner!

We're happy to announce DRR USA's Dirt Bike Giveaway 2017, leading up to our attendance at the American International Motorcycle Expo in Columbus, OH. DRR USA, Inc. will be giving away one free Dirt Bike 50 Senior!

We want to get EVERYONE involved, which means there are a few different ways to fulfill your entry:

  1. Whether you're a customer or a dealer, Like and Share our #DRRDirtBikeGiveaway post on Facebook, which you will find pinned at the top of our DRR USA Facebook page:

  2. Sign up at the American International Motorcycle Expo in Columbus, OH at DRR USA's booth! We will be located at booth number 3515, Sept. 21-24, 2017. You will need to fill out a sign up slip and place it in the box, which will be located at our booth.

  3. If you do steps one AND two, it will count as two entries!

The Sweepstakes Period will begin Wednesday, Sept. 13, 2017 at 2:00PM EST and end Wednesday, Sept. 27, 2017 at 2:00PM EST.

Entrants can access our complete list of Rules and Regulations for this Giveaway here:

The winner will be announced on DRR USA's Facebook and Twitter pages on Thursday, Sept. 28, 2017.

Pictured: DRR DB 50 SR


Thank You!

- DRR USA Team

09-13-2017 13:36:11

The Go-to Go Kart Tracks

By Grace Moryan

It's no secret that kids and adults both love go karts. They're fast, cool, and the closest thing to becoming a real racecar driver without actually having to buy one. Today, DeCuzzi Tires will be introducing you to some of the best quality go kart tracks in the country.


Located in California, Calspeed is one the best known go kart tracks. This track hosts some of the best competitions in the country and the famous arrive and drive Super Series. They make it easy for parents to come and rent go karts as well as protective equipment for their children when participating in events.

CalSpeed is known for adjusting each individual go kart to have the same level of performance. They provide a Sport Kart designed for kids 12 and up to help kids get into the race. There's also a RX250 Kart meant for ages 18+, which is designed to help you win with skill and speed.

They know DeCuzzi tires are great for maintaining the balance of the Go Karts, which is why they always use them. Our tires are durable, reliable, and perform every time, making them an essential part to karts that help you win the race.

Check out more on Calspeed at:

F1 Boston

Located in Braintree, MA, F1 Boston is a premier go-kart track. They have two European style tracks, a city course, and a country course, all which provide a different thrill. F1 Boston provides go karts and protective equipment for those who decide to tackle the track and host a variety of competitions for all skill levels.

F1 Boston is family friendly and encourages you to bring an entire group along. They have a venue your events from birthdays to graduations, and will work with you to plan whatever you need for your guests. No matter what you want to host, F1 Boston will work with you to make the day a success.

F1 Boston knows that with the entire family coming along, they need their go karts in top condition. That's why they choose DeCuzzi tires, which are friendly towards any speed adjustment management makes to the go karts.

Check out more on F1 Boston at:

Bondurant Racing School

Bondurant Racing School is one of the leading driving schools for racecar drivers located in Arizona. While they aren't exactly focused on go karts, they use them to find your bad driving habits before you tackle the race track. Bondurant Racing School is dedicated to teaching you how to learn the road with quality instructors in a top notch facility.

They aren't called "The fastest 60 acres in America" for no reason. Bondurant Racing School provides vehicles and gear to help aspiring racers learn the craft. They are dedicated to learning through a combination of lectures and getting you out on the road.

These racers know that they need quality when showing you the ropes, which is why our tires are used on all their go karts. We provide the durability all drivers need when perfecting their newfound hobby.

Check out more on Bondurant Racing School at:

Picture Citation:


09-19-2017 13:14:45

ATVS: Let the Family Ride Together

By Grace Moryan

When the sun is shining and there isn't a cloud in the sky, families often find themselves wanting to do something together. Things that may come to mind are going to the movies or the pool; however, after a while you may be wondering if there is anything you can do with more of a thrill.

Luckily, we know just the thing that you can do outdoors and even bring your kids along: All-terrain Vehicles (ATVs). At DRR, part of our goal as a company is to bring families together and help them spend time together doing something they love.

ATVs, also commonly known as four wheelers, are something the entire family will enjoy. Your kids will love racing each other on them and you will love the fact it gets them away from the television. Here are five reasons your entire family should invest in ATVS.

  • It gets everyone outside

When it's a nice day, haven't you noticed you have the urge to get up and do something? ATVs provide your family the perfect way to gather everyone and go out for a ride through the woods. You'll be able to sightsee alongside your kids and have memories going through the trails together.

  • Your kids will think they are best thing ever

When it comes impressing the kids, they will think ATVs are the coolest rides ever this summer. Remember when you first got a bike, scooter, or a skateboard? An ATV will surely trump all those things in levels of awesome. Your kids will believe they are the next best thing to Lightning McQueen.

  • They are made to conquer any terrain

It doesn't matter if you want to take them on a trail or on a sidewalk in the park: ATVs are made to do it all. You don't have to worry about them getting ruined wherever you use them, which makes them relatively low maintenance and easy on the wallet.

  • They're Safe and Easy for your kids to Learn

You may hear stories of kids being injured because they fall off of their ATV, but did you know that they are relatively safe when parents and children are well informed? You can do research on what size ATV you should buy for your children and teach your kids to handle them properly. We even have our own sizing guide on the DRRUSA website and we will be glad to help if you need any assistance. They'll be ready to conquer the racetrack in no time!

You can check out our website:

  • It's a good way to mix it up this summer

Most people have been to their local park a million times, but how many have activities can they continuously rotate? Riding on an ATV is a good hobby for your kids to add onto the list of things they love to do.

When looking for things to do with your kids this summer, consider buying an ATV. It's an investment your entire family will be sure to love when the weather is nice and your itching to get up and be active.

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10-10-2017 14:52:51

How to check your brake pads

Grace Moryan

The most important feature of any car is the ability to stop with little to no problem at any moment. However, over time, the brake pads on your car will experience wear and tear. It is important to make sure the brakes of your car are functioning, especially considering spirited driving on a track or the street.

There are certain signs of a car that signal you need to change your brake pads.

  • It takes longer than usual for you to stop

  • When pressing the brake, your foot goes down further than normal

Here are some tips from us at DeCuzzi Tires on how you can check your brake pads:

  • Look through the wheel

You can look through the wheel of your car without removing it to see the brake pads. If the pad looks very thin, you will need to replace it. Some brake pads have wear indicators, which means that when they are almost gone it is time for new brake pads

  • The amount of brake dust

Brake dust is the little specks that appear on your wheels. When your brake pads are in good condition, there is a lot of brake dust; likewise, when your brake pads are almost used up, there won't be as much dust on the wheels

  • You will hear a metal sound

Before your brake pads wear too thin, your car will make a metal sound. This sound indicates you need to change the pads before they wear too thin.

  • You will feel it

Often times people will be able to feel the wear and tear of their brake pads when they drive. Their steering wheel may vibrate or feel off. If you sense any differences from your normal driving conditions, you may want your car to be checked out.

Checking your brake pads once every six months is crucial in maintaining your car. Replacing them can prevent your car from other internal damage and can even save your life from an avoidable accident.


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09-20-2017 14:05:37

Introducing the DRR USA Hall of Fame

By Carrie Larsen

DRR USA, Inc. is all about creating family memories through our award winning ATVs. It's what owners Lou and Kim had in mind when starting the business and it remains their goal today. Over the years, riders and their families have expressed so much joy, success and fun by racing our products and we want to share those experiences in our new DRR USA Hall of Fame.

Through your nominations, DRR USA, Inc. will select one former DRR Rider or family every month to be featured in our Hall of Fame. We want to share countless stories and experiences through racing journeys, and give credit where it's due. The Hall of Fame's purpose is to also inspire current young riders as they hit the track, and for them to look up to those who were once in their shoes.

If you know a rider or family of riders who rode DRR ATVs growing up, we would love to feature them for an entire month. You can even nominate yourself or one of your own family members! Whoever you would like to submit, please send their name, email address, and what year(s) they raced to, or message us directly on our Facebook page:

Once someone is selected, we will send them our DRR USA Hall of Fame Questionnaire. When it is filled out and returned, our Social Media Coordinator will write a feature article about them and post it to our website and blog.

Thank you for helping us draw attention to these amazing riders!

09-21-2017 12:29:35

Tire Pressures and Speed

Grace Moryan

When conquering the racetrack, it is important to think about how to adjust your vehicle to be in top condition. A very important part of the race is the pressure of your tires. At first glance, it might look like one size fits all, but the differences in pressure can change the way your car drives on the track. Here are the top tire pressure tips from DeCuzzi Tires:

Smoothness of the Track

Some tracks are just flat concrete while others have twists, turns and bumps. No matter what kind of track you drive, there are different tire pressures suited for varying terrains. The more pressure a tire has, the higher and longer it will bounce over bumps. Bumpy tracks will require lower tire pressure because it will be easier to maintain control over the vehicle.


Some tracks are outdoors and are subject to change due to Mother Nature, while others are indoors and kept at a consistent temperature. Here are the recommended tire pressures at different temperatures:

  • Below 60 degrees high pressure.
  • 60-90 degrees medium pressure.
  • Above 90 degrees low pressure.

Number of laps per session

Often times, race tracks have a variety of laps and sessions available to their customers. Depending on the amount of laps in the race there are different recommended tire pressures.

  • 5 or less: high tire pressure. Increases in temperature cause increases in tire pressure, so it is important to have this in mind whether it is a short race or long race.
  • 6-12 laps: medium tire pressure
  • 12+ laps: lower tire pressure, especially when you have around 20 laps.

Be sure to treat your tires right to make sure they last long and help you win the race. After all, your tires are what help your car move, so it is important to highly consider how they affect your maneuverability.

10-11-2017 14:57:54

Same Rides, New Colors

Stand out at the track with DRR's colorful quads!

DRR USA is excited to announce the front and back plastic pieces for our DRX 50, 70 and 90 are now available in three new colors - Red, Orange and Pink!




Along with these new colors, we will continue to offer our standard white and black plastics.

You must purchase these ATVs through a dealer. Locate a dealer close to you through the "Find a Dealer" page on our website:

Learn more about our ATVs!

DRX 50:

DRX 70:

DRX 90:

Thank you!

- DRR USA Team

10-20-2017 12:09:14


...DRR USA is dishing out a Pizza Party for the most festive, ATV themed pumpkin!

Instead of testing your riding skills on the track, switch gears this Halloween and test your creative skills on a pumpkin. There could be a pizza party carved into your future!

Here's how you can get involved and WIN DRR's Pumpkin Carving Contest:

  • Carve or paint a pumpkin that is ATV related and send a picture of it to DRR.

Here are a few examples, curtesy of our DRR employees:

  • We will send you a DRR shirt and hat if you incorporate DRR's logo into your pumpkin.

  • After the carving/painting period ends, DRR will make a Facebook album of all the eligible pumpkins shared with us. It will be our followers job to vote for their favorite! At the end of the voting period, the picture with the most likes will win.

  • The person who wins will get a pizza party either for their family, friends or office. DRR will pay for up to $50 from a local pizza place of the winner's choosing!

The Contest Period will begin Friday, October 20, 2017 and end at midnight on October 31, 2017.

A picture album with all of the eligible pumpkin entries will be created on November 1, 2017, and named "DRR Pumpkin Carving Contest - Chose The Winner." You will be able to find this album on our Facebook page:

Entrants can access our complete list of Rules and Regulations for this Contest here:

The winner will be announced on DRR USA's Facebook and Twitter pages on Tuesday, November 7, 2017.

We can't WAIT to see what you come up with!

- The DRR USA Team

10-31-2017 13:53:09

Winter vs. Summer Tires: How to Survive Cleveland Weather

By Grace Moryan

When tourists think of Cleveland, they think of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Lebron James. However, everyone who lives in Cleveland always thinks of the weather. Cleveland weather is infamous for being unpredictable and ever-changing.

One day can be incredibly rainy while the next is clear, blue skies. This fickleness makes navigating the area a struggle. Luckily, it is warmer in the months May through September and colder October through April, giving us Clevelanders a predictable range of temperatures.

With this in mind, it is important to choose the right tires to accommodate for the time of year. Taking care of your car and your tires can help keep you safe, but what is the difference between summer tires and winter tires?

Summer Tires: Beat the heat!

Summer tires are perfect when the weather is warm and you feel like going to the pool. A summer tire will:

  • Have more grip and agility. This is important because it's more precise and useful in rainy weather when the road conditions are slippery.

  • Be stiff and firm. This allows the tires to have better responses, feedback, and handling.

  • Become stickier at higher temperatures. This is important because when the weather becomes hot, the tire becomes plastic-like and can reduce friction between the rubber and the road.

Winter Tires: Blow through snow!

With black ice and snow storms, winter tires are essential to surviving the colder months. Winter tires will:

  • Have deep treads and grooves. These are designed to give the tire the ability to collect snow and allow the car to navigate the unpredictable snowy terrain.

  • Maintain traction. When snow begins to pile up on the ground, it is important for a driver to be able to control their car. Winter tires are durable for weather as low as -35 degrees.

  • Wear out at higher temperatures. While these tires are perfect for the snow, it is important to remember they do not hold up well when the temperature raises to a certain point.

It is important to change your tires especially if you live in an area where the weather is always changing. Use summer tires when the weather is nice for more control of the car. Use winter tires to be able to navigate through the snow and ice. Being able to control your car and putting yourself in a position to conquer the Cleveland weather can keep you safe as well as your passengers.

To learn more, go to

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11-14-2017 12:22:36

DRR USA 600cc Adult Utility ATV - First Look Video!


DRR USA, Inc. is excited to share an in-depth first look at our brand new 600cc Adult Utility ATV! We want to show you, our dealers and customers, exactly what you'll get in this high quality product. The DRX 600cc is doing more than just advancing DRR USA, Inc. into a new demographic. With a 48 horsepower liquid cooled, single cylinder engine, this 600cc is one of the fastest and most powerful in its class. It is also the company's FIRST EVER ATV that is 100 percent built in the United States.


DRR USA, Inc. Founder Louis DeCuzzi says, "This is an exciting addition to our product line, because DRR USA has solely focused on manufacturing youth ATVs and dirt bikes for the past 17 years."

The 600cc is a rider-friendly, comfortable ATV that features electronic-powered steering to easily move riders around the twist and turns of the trail. It catches attention whether its resilient, slick exterior is clean or covered in mud. It features two-wheel drive, four-wheel drive and locking four-wheel drive. At $6,999, it's the only ATV in its class to have a full dashboard with a digital display.

Order yours today for December 2017 delivery!

For more information or to place an order for the 600cc, please visit our website,, or call us at (330) 220-3102.

DRR USA's Mission

We want families to share the bonds, memories, friendship, teamwork and commitment that racing provided for our family. By partnering with local universities, we're able to deliver the best possible product and assemble it right here in Brunswick, OH.

11-29-2017 15:11:43


To celebrate the season of giving, DRR USA is making spirits bright with our "All I Want for Christmas Contest!" We'll be giving away SIX prizes as a way to thank our amazing customers for another great year!

The gifts are - four $25 gift vouchers to the DRR Parts Store and two Racing Gift Packages, including a helmet, goggles and gloves.


Entering the contest is simple - Just comment what you want most for Christmas on our contest Facebook post (it will include the picture below). You must also share the post to your Facebook page!

The contest period will start November 29, 2017 and last until midnight on December 13, 2017.

DRR USA's elves will randomly choose six winners on December 14, 2017 and give them to Santa for an early present delivery! To remind entrants once again, the gifts are - four $25 gift vouchers to the DRR Parts Store and two Racing Gift Packages, including a helmet, goggles and gloves.

Entrants can access our complete list of Rules and Regulations for this Contest here:

Happy Holidays!

The DRR USA Team

12-13-2017 12:52:48

ATV Winter storage tips and tricks

By Grace Moryan

It's fun to ride your ATV (All-terrain vehicle), especially if it is a DRR, in the sunshine, but when cold weather conditions arise it is important to store your ATV. However, your garage may be filled with bikes, supplies, and other clutter. Here are some tips from us at DRR on how and where to store your ATV for the winter.

It's sad to say goodbye to your vehicle for an entire season, but it is important to take precautions before storing it.

  1. Wash your ATV. Before storing it, you will want to get the dirt off your vehicle.

  2. Oil it. To prevent rust and corrosion, you can put a thin layer of oil on your ATV.

  3. Put oil in the cylinder. Remove the spark plug and cover the cylinder in mist oil. Continue to turn it until the cylinder walls are completely covered in oil. This will prevent it from rusting.

  4. Empty the carburetor. If your ATV has a carburetor, you will want to drain the fuel out of it before you store it.

  5. Fill the gas tank. This is important because a full gas tank cannot rust. If you have a plastic tank, a full tank will prevent condensation. Add fuel stabilizer to keep it in top condition.

  6. Don't forget about the ATV battery. Your battery may freeze over the course of the winter, so it is important to store your ATV in a place with climate control. If you cannot find a place, it is sufficient enough to remove the battery from your ATV and charge it.

  7. Fill your antifreeze. If you cannot store your ATV in a place with climate control, fill your antifreeze to the top. This will protect your ATV.

If you have a 2 stroke ATV:

  1. Remove the exhaust. Be sure to clean out the oil inside of the exhaust to keep it from rusting. When your ATV starts up, it will pull in air from the exhaust, which causes corrosion. You want to make sure you do this in order to reduce rust and to prevent additional damage to your ATV.

Choosing a storage facility

  1. Ask about size. Every ATV is different in dimensions and size. Make sure the facility you choose can hold your ATV.

  2. Hallways are a concern. While your chosen storage unit may have the room dimensions you need, be sure you can fit your ATV through the hallways.

  3. Compare prices. There are a variety of different storage facilities that have different prices. Some might give you a discount for long-term storage, so be sure to compare and contrast for the best deal.

Check us out at

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