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Slow down and save: Change your brake fluid annually

By Grace Moryan

There is one expense everybody will remember paying for their entire life: their car.

From down payments to insurance, caring for a car can be expensive and hard to save for. However, what many people do not realize is maintenance on your car can prevent damages in the long run, and save money in the end. One part of caring for a car is debated among mechanics and manufacturers alike: how often should you change the brake fluid of your car?

While there are many answers to this question, the safest bet is to change it annually. Here are a few reasons from DeCuzzi Tires as to why you should consider changing your car's brake fluid more often than not:

1.It will save you money in the end.An annual brake fluid change costs roughly between $100-$150. While this is not exactly leftover change, there is a possibility moisture in the air can work its way through the braking system and corrode the brake lines, master cylinder, and other internal components of the car. These parts can cost hundreds of dollars to replace, so it is worth changing the brake fluid often to prevent the deterioration of other parts of the car.

2.It can help a mechanic detect problems.When you give your car a checkup, changing the brake fluid allows the mechanic to check for leaks in the brakes. This will help him or her check for any damage and fix it before your car has a list of problems. It is also worth taking your car to be examined because it is important for your car to be in top shape when driving.

3.It can save your life.Brake fluid is essential for being able to stop your car on a daily basis. If you do not change the brake fluid, the power of your brakes will decline over time. You want your brakes to be in top shape to be able to take control of the car and stop whenever you need to, especially in snowy weather.

Do not overlook the small stuff. When you drive, you want to be able to keep not only yourself safe, but others too. Be sure to check your brake fluid to protect yourself, as well as your passengers. It man seem like an inconvenient expense, but you will be thankful when your car continues to last a long time and require little repairs.

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DRR USA 450cc Adult Utility ATV - First Look Video!

By Carrie Larsen

DRR USA, Inc. is excited to share an in-depth, first look video at our brand new 450cc Adult Utility ATV! We want to show you, our dealers and customers, what you will get in this high quality product.

With a 58-horsepower liquid-cooled, single-cylinder engine, the 450cc is built for speed. It comes standard with pre-loaded adjustable shocks, dual A-Arm up front and a swing arm in the back, to meet the needs of each rider.

Its five speed manual transmission with reverse gives the rider a leg up when gears need to be shifted quickly. The black plastic and sharp design make for one dominating ATV. The 450cc is also completely assembled in the United States!

The 450cc will be available for spring 2018 shipping, but we are taking orders now! Call (330) 220-3102 for more information or to place your order!

Find out even more details, including the product price, on our website: